DIY Harry Potter Inspired TIE DYE Shirt

Im not a tie dye expert lol so if I did something not right I mean who really cares? Tie dye is sort of experimental anyways and a fun project to do so its not a big deal! Theres so many ways to do it. Its best to just follow the directions that YOUR dye comes with! I just showed you my process! \r
Heres a cool website that shows like 47 different tie dye patterns:\r
Materials used:\r
Tie dye kit (mine came with the dye bottle filled with colored ink, rubber bands, directions, and gloves!)\r
100% cotton white shirt (damp or dry just make sure its pre washed)\r
Drying wire rack\r
Garbage bag\r
Paper towel\r
Plastic bag \r
Washer and dryer\r
Transfer paper\r
Iron \r
Parchment paper (it came with the transfer paper though)\r
Music: \r
Ticker – Silent Partner \r
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