Make an inexpensive T shirt print


We Have been getting a bunch of questions, so we thought we would answer them here.

Q: What type of paper are you using?
A: Just plain printer paper, nothing special.

Q: Will this work with a color print?
A: I don’t see why not. However it needs to be a toner based print from a LASER printer or copier. This technique will not work with an ink-jet type of print.

Q: How many washes will it survive?
A: The one in the video has been washed at least once, and still looks good. Another one we did has been washed a lot, probably 10 or 15 times and is very faded, but the image is still visible. This process isn’t intended to be permanent. We needed shirts to wear to a trade show and didn’t want to spend $$ for just a few shirts we would only need a few times so we went with this process.

Thank you for your comments and questions, and a special thank you to all of our subscribers!

-End Edit-

Printing on a T shirt using nothing but a laser printer, some acetone and a few simple art supplies.

This technique is quick and simple. The results aren’t as good as a screen print but are still superb, and will work on almost any surface! And it’s so inexpensive to do you can experiment without breaking the bank.