Cool Star Wars Shirts

Hey guys! TechEthic here! Today I am showing you guys some awesome shirts! They’re really cool, especially the BB-8 one, because hey. Everyone watches Star Wars for the droids anyways, right? Well, you get my point. Be sure to buy at least one shirt and send me a pic of you wearing it through email, Twitter, or Snapchat. To make it easier for you, share a pic of you wearing a shirt to any of the social media links listed at the very bottom of this description. Have fun! And as always, I’ll see you guys in the next one.

Buy the shirts!

Kylo Ren:


Stormtrooper #77:

Gray Fleece Pullover Hood:

Dark blue long sleeve fleece shirt:

Long Sleeve Polo:

Boba Fett Shirt:

Spiderman Sweater:

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