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Wear His Dress Shirt Tutorial

Wear His Dress Shirt Tutorial

Theodore and I come up with fun ways to wear a dress shirt!

*Note* I’ve been noticing a lot of people are commenting about “Who would wear this in public?”. I wanted to let you guys know that this is a fun fashion video, fashion doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously. This is something you can do at home with your family/friends (maybe even a slumber party) . I wore this look out after the video and got a lot of compliments on the skirt! The idea of this video is taking something ordinary and finding different uses out of it! Fashion should be fun and creative 🙂 Love you guys!

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Help us create the next installment of the Wear His Dress Shirt video. I really want to have you collaborate with me on the next video. Send photos of your dress shirt creations to the link provided on my blog or add a video response to this video. When we film this next tutorial, we will credit your creation and name the look after you! 😀

music by David Choi “This and That is Life”

This is not a sponsored video